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I am currently Digital Collections cum Research Data Management Coordinator at Charles Darwin University, Darwin, NT, Australia. I love living and working at ‘the top end’ of Australia and gateway to Asia, and particularly in a university where I can contribute to making so much unique cultural research openly accessible to the world.

Before this I have worked in similar positions at Murdoch and Deakin Universities and also as a principal librarian and bibliographic consultant at the National Library Board, Singapore.

The turning point in my career was in 2006 when I became the metadata specialist on the RUBRIC (Regional Universities Building Repository Infrastructure Collaboratively) team — a federal government funded project to assist universities across Australia (and one in New Zealand) establish institutional repositories initially for the purposes of showcasing their intellectual output as part of the Open Access movement (i.e. publicly funded research to be made publicly available).

One of my goals is to see what I can do about revitalising MACAR (Metadata Advisory Committee for Australian Repositories) to provide a lead for metadata standards across open access digital repositories.


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  1. Hi Neil

    nothing to do with RUBRIC, I’m afraid – I am the ADT person at RMIT. Not sure if you are still doing ADT at USQ, but is your local ADT server working correctly? Ours is not allowing me to upload any theses. I have reported it to our local IT folk, but would be interested to know if you are having the same problems.

    Thanks in advance


    Comment by Guy Aron — August 7, 2007 @ 6:28 am | Reply

  2. Hi Guy,

    Sorry about the late response — was in Sydney without a computer when you emailed and only returned yesterday. USQ has transferred their ADT collection to their EPrints repository now — so are no longer maintaining the ADT as such.

    Comment by neilgodfrey — August 10, 2007 @ 4:46 am | Reply

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