July 17, 2008

new start

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Fantastic. I have an exciting new job. Looking forward to doing my bit to help make things happen again. Not just sitting here thinking about them. Start in Perth next week.

It’s been a wonderful break since my term at RUBRIC came to an end. Took a holiday in Thailand and Cambodia. Spent time with private family tutoring and seeing most rewarding results from that. Then back into the job hunting scene. A couple of positions I would really have loved were not to be, but the time I took to check out the background to those positions was a rewarding learning experience that has widened my exposure to some major developments in scholarly and creative works repositories. I look forward to making more contacts in the UK and Ireland.

I’ve also enjoyed support from past colleagues at USQ, RUBRIC and ARROW and this has helped me keep in touch with what’s been going on in Australia while I’ve been out of the working environment. I thank them all.

And I’ve just discovered that my spam filter on metalogger has been choking off legit comments that come with url’s attached. I’m glad computers are dumb enough to need us in work.