June 17, 2010

RDA Enhancing Access presentation

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On 11th June I gave a two-part presentation RDA (Resource Description and Access) to 116 members of the Library Association of Singapore (LAS) and Singapore Integrated Library Automation Services (SILAS). This was a combined “Knowledge Sharing Session” at the National Library Board’s Possibility Room. Main focus of my presentation was how RDA might be expected to impact cataloguers and the end-user search experience. Feedback was very positive, so have decided to share here also.


The pdf shows the slides alone in the first half, while the slides with the notes are found in the second half.

June 15, 2010

Who uses Dublin Core?

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To get some idea, I checked the OAI-PMH data provider list and the OAIster contributor list.

Why OAIster? From

OAIster is a union catalog of digital resources.

In [2009], OAIster transitioned to OCLC. OAIster metadata is available:

  • As a freely available, discretely searchable database at
  • Included within, also freely available and searchable with other WorldCat items.
  • Through FirstSearch, as a separate database available to subscribers to the FirstSearch service.

From the OCLC home of OAIster:

OAIster is a union catalog of millions of records representing open archive digital resources that was built by harvesting from open archive collections worldwide using the Open Archives Initiative Protocol for Metadata Harvesting (OAI-PMH). Today, OAIster boasts more than 23 million records representing digital resources from more than 1,100 contributors. Additionally, the OAIster records are included in search results for those libraries with WorldCat Local and WorldCat Local “quick start.”

OAIster is one of the largest aggregations of records pointing to open archive collections in the world. Contributors to OAIster are required to use the OAI-Protocol for Metadata Harvesting (OAI-PMH), which requires the use of simple Dublin Core.

Search hits on OAIster are as follows (from the University of Michigan Library site):

The same page ( shows graphs for the increase in records and repositories harvested.

Listed among the OAIster 1100 oaistercontributors are institutions from the following 58 countries: (more…)