November 11, 2011

CAIRSS Community Day

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It was good to catch up with some old and make contact with some new colleagues in the university repository business. A hopelessly lost taxi driver caused me to be late for the first session that I particularly wanted to attend — ARC’s reps discussing ERA reporting. But fortunately I had a chance to spend some time chatting with the presenters afterwards to make up for this.

Good to hear from ANDS that ANDS is now a DOI minting service.

We had a Skype session with reps from Google Scholar. A brief moment of panic washed over us all as we learned that DOIs and handles are not the sorts of things internet crawlers primarily look for, but all were quickly reassured that as long as such URIs were included in the metadata records themselves there was no problem.

I picked up quite a few interesting ideas for repository services and design for the benefit of academics and the university as a result of the presentation from Curtin. QUT does some similar things, but good to know who as done the sorts of things that look good for us.

Also interested to hear UWA has a similar number of students as CDU. And I identified totally with Deakin’s project to systematize so much of their workflow. Why on earth do repositories still use hand-filled reporting pages and local file systems. Get everything automated into the repository itself!

The highlight for me was Dr Danny Kingsley’s report from the latest German Open Access Conference. Now here is where the ideas are at.  Had a great opportunity to catch up with a quick personal chat afterwards and look forward to following through on practices that will address questions of scalability in particular.

OA week ideas were discussed next. Nice of one can have a $2000 budget and offer a free i-pad for participation. We must work on that one.

Several other interesting tidbits came along — video repositories, NZ experiences, copyright matters, non-research items, and more.

It’s been a long but rewarding week. Looking forward to getting home 1 a.m. tomorrow morning!

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