November 10, 2011

Data citation and VIVO workshops

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Today was about workshops. The first one addressed “building a culture of research data citations”. This filled me in on the core differences between handles and DOIs and how choosing between the two is a business decision. I had not fully grasped the role, nature and significance of DataCite until this workshop. Collected plenty of little flyers for research staff back at CDU, too, to introduce others to the whole concept of data citation.

 The afternoon — VIVO — specifically its use as an e-research tool. Particularly glad I went to this one since it filled me in on what is clearly a significant open source tool that is being taken up across America and Europe.
I have been raising the question of Topic Maps, but can see the potential of something like VIVO to fill this gap, and it is more likely to gain traction, I think, given what I understand is its wider versatility than TMs. Ontology building is what both are all about, of course, but I am glad I took the opportunity to ask about the process involved in beginning such an ontology for detail rich collections such as a specialist collection to do with aboriginal culture and languages, or a collection of a famous person. I got the most obvious answer: don’t attempt too much detail at the beginning. Start with the higher level concepts and stick with those  until ready and able to drill down into the details. — Integrated Ontology Editor and Semantic Web Application — DataStaR, an experimental Data Staging Repository — the VIVO site, “Enabling collaboration and discovery among scientists across  all disciplines — VIVO and ANDS — “Building an Australian user community for VIVO”

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