October 28, 2011

Open Access Benefits

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Professor Mike Lawes at CDU presented a comprehensive talk on the benefits of open access for academics and researchers — in particular the need for archiving their work in their institutional repositories. As part of his presentation he made use of two slides from Stevan Harnad’s powerpoint on the Southampton University site:

Green OA means Green Open Access which means authors self archive into their institutional repository the articles they publish in any journals. (It is distinct from “Gold OA” which refers to authors publishing in any of the 3000 OA journals.)

Deputy Vice Chancellor, Research and International, Professor Sharon Bell in her opening presentation also made a point of singling out the future of datasets belonging in the institutional repository for long-term safekeeping, too.

And both kept using that magic word “mandate”. Everyone in Australia knows of QUT’s success with this word. Much of course depends on the politics of each place — and the tactics of how it is presented perhaps, too.

Professor Peter Morris of the Menzies School of Health Research gave an interesting take on the ethical responsibilities of open access within the context of concrete benefits to the wider community. Pity time had run out and not everyone was able to stay for his presentation. Hopefully it will be available “open access” soon.




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