May 8, 2008

Back again to Metalogger

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It’s been a long time since I’ve updated Metalogger. After the wind up of the original charter of RUBRIC I took a change of pace doing informal tutoring for a couple of months, then a holiday visiting my partner’s home country, Thailand, plus a side-trip to Cambodia, then spent more time hosting guests holidaying back home, and am back now job-hunting. Which means back into the metadata business.

Today I caught up again with the Metadata Advisory Committee for Australian Repositories (MACAR) in a teleconference, and was pleased to discover that 1800 teleconference calls are free on Skype. And yesterday I also caught up with some light reading from the Australian National Data Service Technical Working Group — the proposal for an Australian National Data Service. And a job vacancy in UKOLN has alerted me to more progress on the SWAP front under way there. So my head is beginning to spin with the issues once more after a few months clean break.

I have decided that my first project, (in between job hunting and looking at MACAR agendas) will be to review what RUBRIC achieved on the metadata front, and where to from here. That means writing up draft installments as I think through what was accomplished and what the current and future needs appear to be.

So I can hereby declare this blog reopened for business after a good holiday and more.

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