July 14, 2007

Resource types in the home communities of 3 open source repositories

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I am focusing primarily on Open Source scholarly repositories because they are built primarily out of the user communities.

For comparison with earlier posts looking at Australian collection policies and software (three open source and one proprietary solution) I list here comparisons with the home communities of the three leading open source software systems. Not because the home communities hold themselves up as authorities or standards on what should be put in a repository, but simply for a gateway into viewing what these “mother” communities have done with their babies.

DSpace is developed in part by MIT Libraries and MIT DSpace can be searched at

The document types in MIT’s list are too varied to be listed here. Check the link above and scroll down their community list page. But note that the Collection labels are not necessarily the same as the dc:type (resource type) values. To see those you will need to look at the full records of individual items.

EPrints grew out of Southampton and their repository can be searched at

The resource types they list as options for searching are:

  • Article
  • Book
  • Book Section
  • Conference or Workshop Item
  • Monograph
  • Patent
  • Thesis
  • Artefact
  • Show/Exhibition
  • Composition
  • Performance
  • Other

Fez is developed at the University of Queensland and UQ eSpace can be searched at

Document types listed for search are:

  • Audio Document
  • Book
  • Book Chapter
  • Conference Poster
  • Conference Proceedings
  • Department Technical Report
  • Digilib Image
  • Generic Document
  • Image
  • Journal Article
  • Newspaper Article
  • Online Journal Article
  • Patent Version
  • Preprint Version
  • RQF 2006 Book
  • RQF 2006 Book Chapter
  • RQF 2006 Conference Paper
  • RQF 2006 Design
  • RQF 2006 Journal Article
  • RQF 2006 Patent
  • RQF 2007 Book
  • RQF 2007 Book Chapter
  • RQF 2007 Conference Paper
  • RQF 2007 Journal Article
  • RQF 2007 Patent
  • Seminar Paper
  • Thesis
  • Working Paper
  • Conference Paper

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