June 17, 2007

ETD Uppsala conference update 3

Filed under: E-Theses and ETD conference — Neil Godfrey @ 6:42 am

keeping up with daily updates as planned has proved physically impossible. will have to catch up as soon as i catch up on sleep.  

it’s been interesting conference in many ways, and have met delegates from south, central, north america, africa, southern asia and most parts of europe, japan and russia. have no excuse now for not knowing where australia fits in with the rest of the world and placing questions of practice in the broader context.

generally the best parts come from informal discussions after the different sessions. impossible to hear all the presentations one wants to and will want to have to catch up with some of those on the web afterwards. have heaps to follow up on and many new contacts to work with and bounce issues off in future.

many have been very impressed with an organization like rubric for sending me to this conference, especially when i explained to them that it was their policy to keep us on the cutting edge of the issues.

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