June 15, 2007

ETD Uppsala Conference Update2

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Thoughts: theses as “resource types” are too diverse to ever find a truly adequate thesaurus breakdown to cover them all. But the research theses may be the only subtype of thesis that is truly in demand as a distinct harvestable type. And if harvesters are seeking these out they are likely to zero in on the national bodies that are increasingly collating these records. Suspect no need to go any further than the research type of thesis as the only desirable breakdown in a thesaurus. Or not even in a thesaurus of standard type terms. It could be left to the metadata (and sets) to have those research theses taken care of by the national bodies, eg ADT, and harvesters single those out for that type. Will discuss this further with others, including European and US contacts have have made so far at the conference.

As for metadata schema covering theses metadata, also want to follow up the MODS-Thesis profile developed by the Texas based consortia. That may be the way to go — keep it consistent with a schema already well supported sounds the best. But will have a looksee as soon as can see a copy of it, and compare with the other schema for theses. And see how it can be incorporated into a complete package then that takes care of OAI harvesting for all records — general IR deposits (including theses as one of the rest), and research theses (ADT in Australia) being pulled out of that.

 Conference speakers:

Greg Crane: need to prepare to move beyond book imitation pdf’s. Compare Perseus classics collection online — rich cross annotations of primary sources — “multimedia” — to become more common theses types in future.

To be contd.

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