June 7, 2007

WHEN to use a spreadsheet for repository data entry

Filed under: Repositories — Neil Godfrey @ 10:54 pm

couple of posts ago i outlined how a spreadsheet might be used for data entry, but not when.

such a spreadsheet i have learned actually is being used by a major government sector pending their decision on the repository solution they will go with.

for them the spreadsheet idea looks like the best interim “solution” for data storage that you know you want stored in a repository, but want to avoid having that huge backlog of data once you do get set up. having begun now with the spreadsheet entries, it will be a simple matter for them (at least for their techies) to upload that data by machine.

what a great way to start the repository with a good population of data while avoiding the stress of data entry people having to catch up on so much.

and a spreadsheet allows for so much flexibility in configuration and granularity of exactly what data you want stored and manageable. it will help you prepare for and guide the decision on the repository solution that will best serve your purposes, and how to configure it when it does become a reality.

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