June 6, 2007

Using spreadsheets for self submission in repositories??

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Has anyone heard of or thought of using XL spreadsheets for data self-submission entries into repositories?

Benefit? Less training involved for many faculty? Time saved on training faculty? Less phobia on part of faculty? No need for retraining when repositories change? Customized data to fit the repositories needs.

I’m thinking of a library-customized spreadsheet with all the data headings listed at the top of each column, and some of the columns that require a standard thesaurus term being set up with a dropdown box of those terms to select from. One could freeze panes so that headings are always visible and one can easily scroll to new rows and columns to enter new data easily. About the only thing self-submitters would want to remember is to add a thick bold underline beneath each entry to make it easier to mark the beginning of the next one.

Aren’t techies clever enough to then arrange for all this to be fed into the repository for final editing?

You probably think I’m mad. I’m not expecting a huge gush of enthusiasm. Just a passing thought . . . . I’m happy to let it keep passing . . . .


And scrolling up and across while keeping the title and headings in view . . .


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  1. I reckon spreadsheets are a great way to collect data, and yes the techies are clever enough to get the data in. I while ago I used a Word mailmerge technique to get all the variables in a spreadsheet into a MARCXML template. Worked a treat.

    Comment by Katie Blake — July 10, 2007 @ 6:35 am

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