March 28, 2007

Thesis types in repositories

Filed under: E-Theses and ETD conference,Harvesting — Neil Godfrey @ 6:53 am

Australian-NZ repositories need to be able to separate their ADT material into a single Set for ADT harvesting.

Repository Metadata for thesis so far is generally in the following places:

Marc: 502

DC: type or DC:description

The ETD standard metadata is to use and qualifiers.

It’s probably a good idea to have ETD-MS in a thesis record for more than just ADT purposes. And if ETD-MS is in there, then ideally that could inform the RDF of the types of theses that are required for the ADT Set.

But how to get the ETD-MS data?

Most 502 MARC fields I know enter the generic “Thesis” instead of the name of the Thesis in the first part.

502 $a Thesis (PhD) — USQ, 2005

Can we get a program to read a MARCXML 502 field to translate the (PhD) part to be turned into “Doctor of Philosophy” as the value for the element, and then again into “doctoral” for the element?

What work would be involved? Thinking of additional namespaces and things in the data.

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