March 19, 2007

Harvesting SETS in repositories

Filed under: E-Theses and ETD conference,Harvesting,Repositories — Neil Godfrey @ 5:51 am

So DSpace and EPrints can generate Sets to enable selective harvesting of their records. So one can limit harvest commands to surveying just their thesis collection, or just their preprints, or just one particular subject code.

And that’s just like OAI-PMH says they should.

So why can’t the VITAL repository do the same? I asked our programmer here about it and was informed that Fedora is not set up to handle OAI Sets. That was a bit of a jaw-dropper. I’m a non-techie and had understood from all the techies told me that the Fedora base is the best every way. But if it cannot handle Sets then that’s a very huge argument for someone to opt for a non-Fedora DSpace or Eprints repository.

But its crazy that a major repository system cannot handle sets. Sets are surely one of the most fundamental reasons one wants a repository in the first place.

Anyway, our programmer is now looking to see how the RDF code in Fedora can be configured to talk with OAI commands. Apparently needs a special download from the Fedora site (an oaiprovider zip file).

Sounds promising. But why the hell hasn’t this happened before now with the VITAL product? Looking forward to bringing it up to speed here at RUBRIC. Should be good.

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