November 20, 2006

Workflows in library repositories

Filed under: Repositories — Neil Godfrey @ 8:12 am

I have been working on the details of what tasks are involved in the workflows from the time an author submits a resource to a repository editor to the time it gets published in the repository. So far from USQ’s experience I get the impression that we are throwing so much on just a few staff that it’s as if one or two people are having to do all the invoicing and unpacking and budgeting and spinelabeling and cataloguing and shelving. Maybe we are trying to achieve too much too quickly and when these repository submissions start to increase in number we’re just going to be forced to work out something a bit slower, but a bit more authority-controlled and methodical and job-satisfying for all involved. But tomorrow I will be visiting QUT and UQ in Brisbane to compare their workflows. Maybe this will be like a journey to Damascus!

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